Sunday, January 10, 2010

New York Moment 25

On New Year's Eve, Ted and I went to dinner and walked home via Washington Square Park. I realized how little I knew of the history of this park except that Henry James lived there and wrote about it in a few of his novels (of which I've only read one).

The next day, my niece and I took the train up to Zabar's. She fell in love, saying it may have been the best 15 minutes of her whole time in the city. She's an avid cook, may go to culinary school.

We walked outside and meandered over to a bookseller who was set up on the sidewalk with a few tables of used books. On the very last table, I saw a copy of a book called It Happened in Washington Square Park for $5. I bought it and gave a short lesson to my niece about the word "serendipity." She rolled her eyes. Like I said, she's 13.

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