Saturday, January 9, 2010

New York Moment 23

You don't want to be in Penn Station on Saturday night in January. Apparently, this is where girls from Jersey come to party on the weekend. We'd gotten in around 9:30 from Philadelphia and were having trouble finding a functioning escalator or elevator to get us to the street level for our short walk home, so we wandered downstairs past gaggles, and I mean gaggles, of girls wearing tight clothes and what one facebook acquaintance of mine calls 'hooka shoes'.

A two-man band was playing Lionel Richie's "All Night Long." When we first saw them, one of these girls had started dancing beside them, obviously very drunk. Her friends were standing five feet away taking pictures and laughing. Our second pass through, again looking for a way out of this subterranean train station party, found a larger crowd gathered, watching the same drunk girl as she danced. A homeless man had laid down nearby, next to a column, settled in cozy for the night.

Tam bo li de say de moi ya
Hey Jambo Jumbo
Way to parti o we goin'
Oh, jambali
Tam bo li de say de moi ya
Yeah, Jambo, jumbo
Yep, stuck in my head.

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