Thursday, January 7, 2010

New York Moment 22

I went into Katz's Deli to wait for Ted and have lunch. I know they must be out of this world, but I'm not sure I'm willing to pay $13 for a sandwich. After breaking a bottle of ketchup, chatting with the owner, and looking at the photos on the wall, I left. That was my Katz experience.

Today, my college roommate and I oohed and ahhed over how little we'd aged in fifteen years and then had dinner in the Village. She's the best. I love her. I am sad so many years went by with no contact. Thanks to facebook, we found each other again. I love facebook. I love Greenwich Village. I love hair dye and face cream that keep us looking (relatively) young. I love that she lives in Brooklyn. I love that her husband met us at the apartment and shared a bottle of wine. I love that she donned the Wild Thing puppet and had Abe stand on his head, spin and dance. I love that she read Walter the Farting Dog to Abe, using all kinds of odd voices.

Tonight while putting on nightcream that helps me still get carded in wine shops with my college roommate, I was humming to myself that old song I learned in girl scouts:

Make new friends, but keep the old. One is silver and the other, gold.


Anonymous said...

I thoroughly enjoyed last night, too, and am excited to follow you here. Abe is just awfully charismatic and winsome. So thankful he and Ted are in your life.

Still boggling over the adventures we have had over the past fifteen years!

--college roommate

Dee said...

You should have eaten at Katz's. It haeavenly.

Jana said...

Enjoying your relections on NYC! I had to laugh today because our 3 year old has been singing that song recently but in her own vernacular it turns into "one isth sthober and the oder isth old". Sober and old...I think I'll take silver and gold!