Sunday, January 10, 2010

New York Moment 24

I was walking down the street this morning, pushing Abe in the stroller, heading by myself to the 1 train to get us to Riverside Church. I've become an aggressive pedestrian, crossing the "New Yorker way" by paying little attention to 'walk' sign and simply crossing when there's a break in traffic.

I got to the corner to cross this morning and noticed the 'walk' sign was lit. Not one driver paid any attention to this fact. I had to wait while one SUV and 3 taxis went their merry way through this intersection. I got so mad after the second car, that I found myself standing beside the stroller, right arm extended palm up in front of me, yelling, "What the heck?!" ready to start kicking or slapping the trunks of the passing cars who didn't care that a woman with a child was trying to cross. And trying to cross legally this time, I might add.

I'm thinking we need to get out of town before I get myself killed.

This was my first solo stroller moment, and I was happy to see how helpful other train commuters were with picking up the bottom of the stroller to get up and down the stairs. I didn't even really have to ask. People were very eager to help. Pedestrians of the world, Unite!

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